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Smart Office

Building up office lighting, climate control, safety and multimedia systems that interact with each other and are automated to the greatest possible extent

A smart office is a modern format of a workspace with all utility systems tied up into a common network, automated as much as possible and easily controlled using mobile devices that provides a wide range of features.

The space is equipped with different sensors, and the statistics of the system operation is collected and analyzed. Big data analysis allows to increase energy efficiency and automate process actions by schedule, presence or events.

High-tech solutions of the smart office also improve the efficiency of workspaces offering zones for different types of activities, like teamwork, socializing, creative activity or relaxation.

The implementation of intelligent technologies not only makes the premises modern, functional and energy efficient, but also supports a new principle of workflow management contributing to the image of an innovative and technology-savvy company.


The main tasks solved by means of intelligent utility systems in a workspace are:

  • Functionality. Maximal efficiency of space utilization, comfort and safety of employees and visitors. Support of a mobile application.
  • Integration. Coordinated and effective operation of all utility systems. Automation of utilities operation, minimization of a human factor.
  • Energy efficiency. Using equipment to optimize energy resources consumption.
  • Operation. Implementation of equipment and software to support operation in real time, analysis, reporting, maintenance, planned and preventive repair.

We are an integrator of an all-in-one Smart Office solution, not merely a contractor for separate smart options or components. Our approach joins methodology and technology.

If you have got any questions on the concept development, design or implementation of the Smart Office, please, call: +7 (495) 212-14-77 or e-mail us: info@hmps-business.ru