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Intelligent building

Equipment of a facility with integrated high-tech engineering solutions to make it highly energy efficient and cost-conscious in operation

Intelligent building is a facility that uses modern architectural and engineering solutions, and all utility systems and IT components are integrated into a single control system.

In an intelligent building a familiar automated building management system (BMS) features a large number of interconnected elements, smart functioning in the automatic mode, analytical components and reporting. Utility and IT systems in such building are not just integrated, but intelligently interact with each other to provide optimal performance what is particularly important for climate control equipment. Smart management is maintained due to the specific logics of operation, i. e. algorithms activated by a number of parameters, like time of the day, ambient brightness, climate characteristics, etc.

First of all, a modern intelligent building means:

  • maximum comfort and functionality for employees and visitors
  • high energy efficiency
  • optimization of the operational costs

Experience-Based Approach

Our company has got a considerable experience in implementing intelligent solutions. We are an integrator of an end-to-end system of smart solutions, from the methodology to design and implementing.

Here are some recommendations to get the best results

  1. The implementation of a project should be started with the development of a concept. The absence of the concept results in a number of fragmented uncoordinated components.
  2. The concept determines the order of the building design, which utility and IT components will be used and what way they relate to each other. And the main point is the description of the interaction between a man and a building.
  3. At the early stages of design, a customer should be involved in the process to elaborate detailed requirements to the system and to negotiate the building management solutions.
  4. The best way to implement this building management system is to implement it step by step. We recommend to start with the selection of a scalable integration platform and implementation of basic features providing the opportunity to add extra sensors and interfaces, and then build up the features and mobile platform depending on the collected statistic data, analytics and practical experience.
  5. The integration has to become smart and comprehensive – all solutions must be elaborated and coordinated both in business processes and technical details.

The format of an intelligent facility is relevant for business centers, residential developments, shopping centers, transportation facilities.

HMPS Business offers the following services to build high-tech facilities:

  • concept development
  • design
  • delivery and installation of equipment
  • start-up and commissioning
  • adding analytical components and mobile platform
  • maintenance

If you have any questions concerning the development and design of intelligent facilities, please e-mail us at info@hmps-business.ru or call: +7 (495) 212-14-77