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Home Automation

Control and management of common utility systems in residential developments, easy and convenient apartment management for residents

A contemporary home type with automated shared utility systems and a smart management system in each apartment is an intelligent home. The key element of such property is a mobile device used to manage all utility systems of residential accommodations. Meanwhile, an automation system provides intelligent work of utilities with the lowest possible involvement of a man.


HMPS Business offers modern solutions to make your apartment smart both on a building level by implementing automation and control systems and in each apartment:


  • Available both on mobile devices (a smartphone or a tablet) and wall displays or switches. Lighting
  • Automatic turning lights on and off based on the presence sensors.
  • Gradual switching on, brightness adjustment.
  • Flexible and individual setting of lighting scenarios.

Climate Control

  • Coordinated operation of all climate equipment (conditioning, heating, underfloor heating, etc.).
  • Optimal adjustment of room temperature depending on the season or function of premises.
  • Eco mode for effective operation.
  • Automation of utilities and maintenance of the necessary conditions.

Electric Power Supply

  • Electric load adjustment and home appliances control, including remote control (an iron left turned on).
  • Automatic ventilation switching on/off.

Interphone System

  • An interphone is integrated in a home management system on a common device (smartphone, tablet, control panel).
  • Storing an image and time of visit.
  • Hot keys to open a front door, mute sound and turn on lights.
  • Remote interphone control using a mobile application.
  • Using the interphone system to provide dispatch communication to call maintenance or emergency services.

Leak Protection

  • Automatic turning the water off at the main in case of an accident or leak.
  • Notification of a resident or operating company about the protection trggering.

Security Systems

  • Viewing cameras located in the territory adjacent to the building on the touch panel or the smartphone.
  • Presence simulation program – when residents are not at home, the apartment behaves as if the owner has never left.
  • Security sensors and alerting.

Other Features

  • Changing the position of curtains or louvers.
  • Music and video-multiroom.

Outcomes of Intelligent Utilities Implementation:

  • Safety. Increase in personal safety and reducing damage after water leaks, fire, etc.
  • Image and comfort. Increase in real estate status and appeal for the residents.
  • Control. You always know what is going on in your apartment.
  • Convenience. The automation system provides autonomous operation of all utilities and minimizes the human factor.
  • Reducing the operational costs. Saving due to optimal usage of energy resources.

HMPS Business offers an end-to-end solution:

  • the development of a smart apartment concept
  • the design of internal utility systems
  • the selection and delivery of equipment
  • the installation/installation supervision of the equipment
  • start-up and commissioning, programming
  • warranty and maintenance service.


To get a detailed information about home automation, please, send us an e-mail at info@hmps-business.ru or call us: +7 (495) 212-14-77.