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Central Monitoring and Control Station

Allows remote monitoring and management of multi-location facilities, as well as analysis of utility operation

The Central Control Station (CCS) is a solution that unites utility systems of several buildings into a single information system to centrally monitor, manage, and analyze performance and energy efficiency.


The goals of CCS implementation are:

Improvement of operational efficiency.

  • setting up a modern and advanced infrastructure to manage and operate utility components of several buildings
  • optimization of the number of engineering stuff and improving their performance visualisation of all technological processes and the capability to manage the technical infrastructure
  • improvement in quality and timeliness of information for proper management decisions

Cost control and improvement of energy efficiency.

  • operational costs reducing due to effective resource consumption management (electricity, water, heat)
  • compliance with international eco-friendly standards of energy efficiency

Safety improvements and strengthening the status of a facility.

  • improvement of the engineering and technical safety of buildings
  • increase in commercial attractiveness and status of a facility.


The main features of CCS are:

  • monitoring, control and management of water supply, sewerage, heat, electric power and gas supply, etc.
  • visualization of utility system operation in real time in different views (including 3D)
  • advanced analytics and reporting of a system operation at any section, monitoring and analysis of energy resources consumption
  • analysis and forecast of utility operation to optimize energy consumption, timely maintenance and modernization
  • display of all significant equipment failures, as well as alerts from the equipment supporting the system functioning
  • display and management of the features of several buildings using the web-interface on a PC or mobile devices
  • collection and storage of historical data on the operational parameters and failures of the utilities in the system in a user-friendly form (tables, graphs, charts)


CCS design describes the integration in it the following utility systems:

  • smoke ventilation
  • drinking and technical water supply
  • thermomechanical solutions
  • refrigeration supply
  • lighting
  • elevators
  • safety systems (ACS, video surveillance)
  • fire protection systems
  • energy metering systems
  • and other engineering and automated solutions supporting open data communication protocols.

HMPS Business is experienced in implementation of CCS at facilities and buildings in different fields.


Where CCS implementation is reasonable:

  • multi-location facilities
  • groups of buildings housing estates, multi-purpose complexes, sports facilities, office centers, business parks, entertainment parks, chain stores, warehouse and hotel facilities
  • infrastructure facilities: airports, river ports, transport hubs
  • facilities to hold international level events (Universiade 2019, World Championship 2018)
  • Safe City facilities


HMPS Business offers the end-to-end development of a CCS including:

  • consulting concept, functional and organizational scopes of the project, technical specification
  • control station design
  • development and adjustment of the solution according to the company requirements
  • delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment
  • design project of the control station, construction and finishing works (Fit-Out)


Extensive expertise and experience allow us to provide CCS design and then implement it for the customers in different fields and industries (developers, operational companies, organizers of international events, commercial facilities and residential buildings, agriculture, manufacturing facilities).

To get additional information about the design and implementation of CCS please e-mail us at info@hmps-business.ru or call: +7 (495) 212-14-77.