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Automated Building Management Systems

Provides management of the utility systems of a building and their operation in optimal modes

Automated building management system (BMS) allows to integrate all utility systems of a facility in a single complex with the full control over the building as a whole.


HMPS Business is a recognized expert in the market of BMS design and implementation having a vast experience on any kinds of facilities (residential developments, office buildings, trade centers, engineering and technical enterprises, etc.). We offer end-to-end solutions of facility management, monitoring and analytics.


When implementing building management systems we try to provide as many features as possible:

  • all utility systems are managed from the control station as well as automatically
  • monitoring of the state and parameters of utility system operation
  • metering and analysis of energy consumption
  • planning of routine and preventive maintenance
  • integration with the accounting and billing solutions


Implementation of modern comprehensive BMS provides:

Reducing the operational:

  • reducing of electricity costs – up to 50%, heating costs – up to 30%, maintenance and engineering costs – up to 54% (according to Honeywell)
  • optimization of the number of the operational stuff
  • extending the equipment lifetime and minimization of failures related to human factor
  • automation of collection data on resources consumption

Improvement of reliability and safety of utility system operation:

  • coordinated network operation in the optimal mode
  • mitigating the risks of emergencies
  • timely detection of incidents and troubleshooting
  • status monitoring and rapid response to incidents

Operational efficiency:

  • mobile AWS for an operator for operational control of automated building management system
  • centralized control
  • easy access to technical information and historical data on subsystems operation and activities of the operators

Compliance with the requirements of BREEAM/LEED environmental certification and enhancement of potential liquidity of the facilities.


Integration of the Utility Systems in a Common BMS

BMS design involves many engineering fields:

  • electric power supply and lighting
  • heating, ventilation, conditioning
  • wastewater disposal and water supply
  • safety and fire alarm system, access control, communication networks
  • engineering structures monitoring system (ESMS)
  • heat supply substations and networks, boiler plants
  • refrigeration supply stations and refrigerating plants
  • elevators
  • pumping stations

Automated building management systems are implemented using the equipment of the leading global manufacturers: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Sauter, SaiaBurgess, Beckhoff, Johnson Controls, etc., as well as domestic equivalents.

We have got an extensive experience in the implementation the automated solutions at many types of facilities, and we have much to offer:

  • Facility managers.
  • Office buildings.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Residential developments.
  • DPCs.
  • Warehouse facilities.
  • Villa communities.
  • Hotels.
  • Sports and fitness centers.

To get additional information about the implementation of monitoring and utility equipment management systems, please e-mail us at info@hmps-business.ru or call: +7 (495) 212-14-77