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A key activity for HMPS is providing the service of implementation of hi-tech solutions at objects. Such solutions include:

  • Smart building. The smart building is a highly automated building equipped with integrated utilities, information networks and a multimedia system. The main goal is to create maximum comfort and increase operational efficiency. The utilities are controlled by embedded algorithms that are activated depending on climatic parameters, time of day, and other factors. Thus, the user is provided with the most cutting-edge communication devices.
  • Smart office. The smart office is a local level of automation for an individual office, hotel room, apartment, or house. The smart office ensures control of lighting, curtains, climate, safety systems, audio and video devices, improving comfort and safety while saving additional resources.
  • Information and analytical control system of infrastructure objects. IAS is a powerful tool for the technical service and building owners, allowing for the operation of all utilities to be monitored in 3D visualization and for reports and analytical forecasts to be made based on information received in real time. IAS helps in making decisions aimed at improving the energy efficiency parameters.

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