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HMPS Business provides the full range of services related to organization of a building's internal utilities:

  • Consulting. HMPS Business provides consulting services, ensuring construction of modern, energy efficient, ecological objects. Services provided:
    • Buildings Certification According to BREEAM. Our specialists will take all steps necessary for certification of the construction object according to BREEAM: ensure a power audit of the object's current state, prepare and gather all documents, search for the optimal solutions, gather evidence, and perform certification.
    • Concept Development of Building Utilities. Utilities concept development for existing and newly constructed buildings.
    • Concept Development of Smart Building. The project is based on the concept of utilities with automated smart control that ensures full control of the building or complex of buildings.
  • Engineering General Contract. HMPS Business performs a package of works relating to a building's internal utilities:
    • Utilities Design. HMPS Business designs utilities for commercial and manufacturing buildings as well as residential homes. A project's professional development starts from pre-project examination of the building or clarification of the Customer's needs if this is a new object. The engineering concept is developed based on the obtained data, then we start developing the project documentation. Building utilities are designed in strict compliance with construction codes and standards. Great attention is paid to the quality of development of the technological solutions for the utilities, and to innovations relating to energy efficiency and power saving.
    • Utilities Implementation (Equipment delivery and utilities installation) HMPS Business selects and delivers equipment to the object, and carries out pre-commissioning. After these stages, HMPS Business ensures training of the Customer's personnel, object commissioning, and equipment servicing. Installation in the complex with development of the utilities project and further servicing by a single company allows for the most efficient and reliable operation of the utilities to be achieved.
  • Automation and control of building utilities and the complex of buildings.

HMPS provides a comprehensive approach: an initial audit of the state of utilities is performed, and based on the initial information, our specialists formulate the requirements for the utilities and develop a concept to combine them into a single system using the automated control systems (ACS). Control of the building utilities provides well-coordinated operation of the equipment and timely detection of faults, thus ensuring:

    • a significant reduction in power, water, and heat consumption (up to 50% at new objects);
    • increased efficiency of power consumption;
    • reduced financial and technical risks;
    • safety of users' vital functions;
    • simplified tracking of utilities operation;
    • increased commercial attractiveness of the object.
  • Solutions: HMPS Business suggests turnkey solutions for industrial and commercial objects such as:
    • smart building;
    • smart office;
    • information and analytical system to control infrastructure objects, which provides visualization of the state of controlled systems and the environmental state, with operation analysis of the utilities and their energy efficiency.

HMPS Business designs, installs, commissions and programs the local automatic equipment as well as the comprehensive systems of buildings automation and control, and combines customer building groups into a single information and control system that controls and monitors operation parameters of the utilities and safety systems, including with remote access.

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